O’Neill Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is delighted to announce the introduction of our RunSmart Clinic – for all fitness levels.

Our running clinic caters for athletes in all running-based sports including track and field, road running, triathlon and field-based sports including GAA, soccer and rugby. This assessment will also be useful for those just starting out on their running journey.

The clinic will provide a comprehensive assessment and a detailed, individualised plan of action for each client.


A biomechanical running analysis is used to assess your running style. It investigates if your running technique may lead to possible injury and put a plan in place to get the most out of your running sessions.

The main objectives of the analysis is:

  • Injury prevention & reducing stress throughout your body
  • Improving efficiency, endurance and speed
  • Increasing running strength and confidence


Within the clinic, a full assessment of your flexibility, pelvic control, mobility and stability of all joints is undertaken. This will allow your Chartered Physiotherapist the opportunity to analyse your movement patterns and improve your performance.

  • Your running technique will be assessed using the latest technology on our treadmill allowing us to identify areas of risk.
  • Based on the assessment, an individualised plan will be created for you. This will include corrective exercises, support and advice on flexibility and strengthening.
  • We will provide a comprehensive support service following the screening to allow you to reach your full running potential

The analysis will take about 30 minutes – and you will only be running for about 8-10 minutes at your normal running pace.

Feel free to give us a call on 0499527740 or 0861632611 to arrange an assessment.