Sports Injuries

O’Neill Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Sports Injury Treatments in County Cavan.

Whether at elite or recreational level, we ensure effective management of your injury and the earliest return to full sporting participation – while minimising the risk of the injury recurring.

Typical injuries would include knee and ankle ligament sprains, calf and hamstring muscle strains, quadriceps muscle contusions (dead leg), Achilles tendon injuries, fractures and dislocations.

Chronic injuries are usually caused by overuse or repetitive actions often associated with running, cycling, golfing and tennis and similar sports. Typical conditions include tennis elbow, shin splints or ITB syndrome (connective tissue damage to the outer knee and thigh).

Injuries left to heal themselves can lead to long-term residual problems due to:

Soft tissue adhesions and tightness
Joint stiffness
Muscle imbalance and a
Deficiency in the return of normal muscle strength

Sports injuries are not just confined to athletes. Many of our clients are novices in a new sport or exercise regime. From rugby to dancing and hockey and swimming our clinical understanding of the biomechanics of the body ensure we can help you ease your pain and return you to normal functioning.

O’Neill Physiotherapy will provide you with:

An accurate diagnosis
Devise a bespoke programme of treatment and rehabilitation based on your injury, your goals and your sport
Advice on preventing any further recurrences
Remember, it is Chartered Physiotherapists that are employed by the FAI, IRFU, GAA and other elite sporting bodies.

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